- Have your camper start practicing his or her audition music.

- Check the list below and go shopping for whatever items they need but don’t have; and

- Make sure your camper’s instrument is ready for camp. There is no on-site repair technician; if a student comes in with a broken horn, we will probably not be able to fix it.

- Obtain written instruction from the camper’s doctor in order for the camp nurse to administer any medication.


Your camper may think they need to have all their “stuff” with them - but in reality it is not necessary, so please do all you can to discourage them from bringing too much. Here is a checklist of what your camper really needs to bring:

- Their instrument and accessories, i.e. mutes, reeds, etc. If they are a percussionist, they will need their snare sticks, timpani and other mallets, and preferably a mallet bag with their name displayed on the bag.

- Folding music stand. Your child probably has one of these already; but if not, please make it a point to buy one before camp – all music stores carry them.

- Clothes: T-shirts and shorts for wear on a daily basis are definitely acceptable, as long as they are in good taste. We trust parents to make the call on that. For the final concert on Friday afternoon, they will wear their camp shirt and shorts.

- Your student may need a swimsuit if there is a pool party, so pack one just in case.

- Bedding: a blanket, twin sheets, and a pillow with a pillowcase.

- Towels (3)

- Personal toiletry items, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.

- Prescription medications if needed. You will also need a note from your physician that states your student can dispense medicine to themselves. Otherwise medication will be dispensed by the camp nurse.


Please know that we will NOT be providing lunch on registration day. The first meal provided by the camp will be dinner on the evening of June 21st.

Registration is from 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 21st. Registration is at Newman Hall at 1428 Seale Ave, at the corner of Corral Ave. Leave everything in the car except for the paperwork you’ve received from TAMUK and your checkbook. We are not set up to take credit/debit cards on site. Any credit card payments must be made through Marketplace, the secure website linked to the band camp webpage, no later than June 14th.

At registration, be sure to pick up:

- Information packets, name badges, and wrist bands (used to receive meals)

- Camp T-shirt: you will get the size indicated on your application

- Residence hall key: get this at the residence hall check-in table

After registration, go to the Music Eduction Complex for auditions. As soon as you enter the Music Building, you will see a Directory on the wall telling your camper where to go for their audition.


The audition serves two purposes: 1) to ensure that your camper is placed in the right band; and 2) to “seat” them where they belong within the band. It will last only a couple of minutes and will consist of two items:

- Two major scales (either C, F, B-flat or Eb); and

- One prepared musical excerpt of the camper’s choice (about one minute of music). This can either be an etude (a short teaching piece), or a few lines from the piece that they performed at Solo & Ensemble this spring. If your camper is a beginner, have them pick a couple short pieces out of their method book.

We do not pick the music because there is such a wide variety of skill levels and your student’s band director knows them better than we do.

After their auditions, campers should wait in front of the main music office to be escorted to the music annex.


All campers must attend the first meeting on Sunday evening in the Concert Hall. At this meeting, band placements will be announced along with general guidelines and rules for the camp. After this meeting the campers will go to their respective bands for their first rehearsal.