An official band camp nurse is employed by the university to provide first aid care for the campers and to deal with any emergency which may occur. The nurse must have written instruction from the camper’s doctor in order to administer any medication.

Will I be notified if my child is sick or hurt?
In cases of major trauma, we will notify you immediately. In cases of minor illness or injury, campers may call you if they wish.  If, in the camp nurse’s or a doctor’s judgment, that illness or injury warrants early dismissal from camp, a camp director will call the parents directly to discuss the issue – no camper will be dismissed for medical reasons without consulting the parents first.  For further details, see “Medical Release Authorization” on the application form.

In case of illness or injury:

During the day: If a camper feels ill or is injured during the regular camp day, they are to come to the Camp Office; or find a phone and call us if they are unable to make it to the Camp Office; or notify any adult – a faculty or staff member, a counselor, a band director, anybody associated with the camp, and that person will call us.  THE CAMPER SHOULD NOT GO BACK TO THEIR ROOM WITHOUT FIRST TALKING TO AN ADULT.  The camper will be transported to the appropriate medical facility if necessary:

• For minor illnesses, Camp Nurse, in the Music Building
• For major trauma, Christus Spohn Kleberg Hospital, 10 minutes from the Music Building.

After hours/during the night: Campers who feel they need medical attention after hours are to notify the counselor on duty who will make the decision to either transport the camper themselves or call an ambulance for transportation to Spohn Hospital.

In the morning: Campers who feel ill upon awakening in the morning should get dressed, go downstairs and report to the counselor. He or she will call us here in the Camp Office and we will come and transport the camper to the appropriate medical facility.

Campers are not to do the following:

Stay in bed and do nothing. We need to know when our campers are ill.  If a camper really is too sick even to get out of bed, they are to notify their roommate, who will then notify a counselor.  If, upon visiting the nurse, the nurse prescribes bed rest, the camper will be permitted to return to his dorm to sleep.  Be advised, however, that this usually means that we will recommend that the camper go home.

Walk to the First Aid Station by themselves. Why? Three reasons: 1) we do not want sick campers passing out on the sidewalk on the way to the station, 2) we have no way of knowing that the camper is sick; and 3) the First Aid Station cannot treat them anyway until they have their Medical Release Authorization which we must furnish.  Campers need not feel that they are inconveniencing us by asking us to take them to first aid – we’re here to serve.


Under the terms of our camp insurance policy, all campers receive all the medical care they need while they are here at Camp; all illnesses or injuries incurred while your camper is with us are covered from the time you leave them here on Sunday evening until the time you pick them up on Friday evening.  This coverage does not include the following:
• Illness or injury due to preexisting conditions (asthma, prior injuries, etc.)
• Ambulance service pertaining to the above
• Orthodontia (i.e., braces).
This does not mean that we will reject your camper’s application if they have asthma or other preexisting medical conditions, nor does it mean we will not take care of your camper is they need medical attention.. It simply means that in these cases, our insurance will not pay, so the bill for these services will be sent to you.